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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I made a new library friend...

First and foremost, I want to say that I was absolutely adorable today. Just for the record. My quest to wear all these old jeans is paying off, and now that I've broken away from strictly wearing Seven and Paper, Denim and Cloth, and have re-discovered my AG's, the AG's are fantastic.

And I'm rocking a faux-hawk derivative. It's all very cute. Thanks, Billy Cross from Stripsearch for making it all possible. Now I'm going to stop shaving (too late!) and adopt an Australian accent...

Anyhoo. I made a new friend. She dresses up to go to the library like I've started to, but we're doing it for naught, because we sit at one end of the Undergrad Library, and no one ever sees us. She's very nice. I've also never seen anyone drink more Perrier than she does. Yesterday, I think she may have drank like...6 bottles of it? That seems like a lot. And she never seems to get up to pee! Of course, I'm not really keeping track of that. Maybe she's just very quiet when she gets up and I just don't hear her. She said she has so much Perrier because her mom got her cases of it from Sam's Club. Today she offered me one. I politely declined... Fuck water. I need caffeine.

I shushed some other people in the library today too. I'm not good with confrontation, I feel bad saying, "If you're going to talk, could you go to a talking area?" They complied directly, but I felt bad. Whatever. It's the library, not the mall.

What else? Oh, I think I have a library checker-outer guy who likes me. He's always staring at me whenever I see him, and he tried to make eye contact and smile. Because I've decided I don't feel like meeting new people, really (besides Library Girl), I ignored him. But YESTERDAY, when he first fell in love with me, I might have been flattered... Had he not also ended up in the Law Library with me after the Undergrad Library closed on us... and...taken the elevator from the first to the second floor. That was a total deal-breaker.


Why do people do that?

I make it a point to say something snide to anyone who rides the elevator to the second floor when I'm going to the 4th. Usually it's along these lines, "Two!? Geeez! Lazy!" And then they'll invariably say something like, "Wahh. I'm tired!" And then they probably walk out of the elevator thinking I'm an asshole... Which I probably was.

Going down is even worse. When it stops on 2, and some fatass sloshes into the elevator on two and takes it to one, I think, "Lord. Wouldn't the trip down the stairs do you a little good, tubby?" And I don't care if you have a rolly bag, heft it down the stairs. The only people that are allowed to take the elevator between one floor are the cleaning people, the maintenance guy, some of the wheelchair kids, and the elderly or pregnant. Everyone else needs to walk.

And if some stupid jerk does take the elevator from two to one, I give them the stinkeye on the way down. Idiots.

So, yeah. That's what my life has become. Elevator commentary and library pals.


To Old Country Buffet, apparently. Hey fatties...stop being so fat!