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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm back, bitches.


I've returned. I got back from Canada a few days ago, and then immediately had a lil' spot of surgery. Don't ask what I got operated on, I ain't tellin' ya, unless you already know. Let's just say, it sucked. And continues to suck.

Even the pills they gave me aren't that special. Darvocet? I think that's what they are. If I were more of a schemer I'd be like, "Ohhh, they don't work well enough, waaaaah!" and get me hooked up with something hotter like Vicodin or Oxycontin, but that's not my style. I'll keep taking the Darvocet that makes me nauseous and break out in cold sweats, and I'll just fucking love it. Also, my student health insurance expires tomorrow, and I just bought some shady gap-filler insurance to stand in its place until my work insurance vests, three months after I start working, that is if I actually passed the bar (which I didn't) and am able to continue working there without getting fired.


GOD, operations are uncomfortable! You never notice how much of a part of your body you use until it's hurty.

When I get canker sores I'm like "Well, Jesus! I had no idea how many times per day I bit my lower lip!" or when I get a papercut, I'm like, "Well, Jesus! I had no idea how many times per day I bang my hand into something!" Or when I have a sore throat I'm like, "Well, Jesus! I never realized how many times per day I swallow!"


So, that's basically my deal. I'm lying around home, having watched all 3 netflixes in a row (I'm in a classic movie phase, so I watched Sabrina, On the Waterfront and Breakfast at Tiffany's, I don't know why they're so Audrey Hepburn-centric but maybe it's because of the "Also featuring!" tab? Regardless, I feel that it's important to watch these "classic" old movies to see what they're all about. Usually they're boring, but no biggie...sometimes they're good. On the Waterfront was good for the acting, but it was sort of hard to understand. Sabrina was cutsey and cheesy, and Breakfast at Tiffany's wasn't what I was expecting at all.) bored to tears, and occasionally soaking in tubs. I have to get my car fixed tout-suite because I start work next week and my A/C is BUS-TED.

Yeah. Broke. I have this nagging suspicion that the compressor died and that I'm going to have to get a new car. I'm not psyched.

Does anyone want to give me a compressor for a 1997 volkswagen golf?