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Sunday, November 05, 2006

So disgusting. But so good.

Before I say what I'm about to say, I want you to know that before moving to Miami, this would NEVER have ocurred to me to do.


Times change. I've lived here a while and it's rubbed off on me. Like it or not, I am becoming influenced by the dominant culture of Miami.

I now know that sweetened condensed milk, eaten out of the can... with a spoon. Or one's finger...

is delicious.

Now, I'm not saying eat a quater can at one sitting...

but a couple licks off a spoon is a little slice of sweet, rich, creamy heaven.

Don't knock it till ya tried it.


Of course, I love the Simpsons.

And of course, I'm THRILLED that they just broadcast their seventeenth Treehouse of Horror. One of my favorite shows has been on T.V. for SEVENTEEN years! Kids that were born when the show went on the air, are about to be able to vote! But that's a different post...

I like being privy to the inside jokes that are sometimes on T.V. This Treehouse of Horror, they had a segment with Rabbi Loew's Golem of Prague. (A clay monster from the 1500s that supposedly saved the Prague Ghetto). First, I liked that the segment began by Simpsonizing the Altneueschul in Prague (built in 1270 and still active). When I went to the Prague ghetto, that was one of the buildings that had the strongest impact on me - I had never been in something so old and so Jewish, that was still in use. Most of our stuff in Europe was destroyed in the 30s and 40s, so to see something that had a connection to 800 years ago, that, possibly, my ancestors visited, was pretty awesome.

Furthermore, the episode had typical Borscht-Belt humor that, while dated, gives me warm fuzzies for some reason.

So, as usual, the Simpsons scores another point in my book for bringing an obscure Jewish legend that I'm sure very few Christians knew about, to American Pop-Culture.

And go to Prague. It's fabulous.