I'm a little slow today. I just switched to Sanka. So...have a heart?

Friday, February 23, 2007


Help me complete this statement by marking an "X" in the appropriate blank:

With dinner at Ghetto Gourmet tonight, I ____ will ______ will not drink the entire bottle of wine I brought with me tonight.

*** The correct answer would be to put an "X" in the "will not" blank, and then drink the entire bottle anyway. Because, clearly, I have zero self-contro, BUT, I did NOT make an ass out of myself, met some intersting people (one cute people) passed out some business cards, and met a chick who's very good friends with one of my very good friends in the pro-bono world...

Ghetto Gourmet = truly a unique and utterly worth-it experience (even if the Tuna was WAY overdone - yes. I ate fish. And I did NOT die. I came close to gagging once, but I suppressed it. Stephen would have been proud.) and I hihgly recommend it to anyone and everyone.