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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I desperately need a new car.

Okay. The 1997 Golf d/b/a my mobile trashcan needs to be replaced.

But it's so hard to buy a car when you're my age, because I walk into a dealership and the salespeople look at me, and then turn back to the TV.

And that was at the VOLVO dealership, I wonder what they're going to say when I walk into the Infiniti or the BMW showroom. Ugh. I simply don't have the energy to play the "let's make a deal!" game...

And on top of everything else...I really think I belong in a Mini Cooper. Is that weird? Those that know me know that I either fit in a Volvo S40 or in a Mini Cooper. I simply can't imagine myself in anything else... Although I would like a new BMW...but please. If I get a Beamer, I have to lease it, and I'm going to buy because I need to build equity in things.

I'm going to stop chatting about this now, because I feel bratty... but I don't have to. I worked my ass of... I work my ass off... I deserve whatever I get... It's just I don't know whether I should splurge on an expensive car or save up for some kick-ass vacation. Who knows.

Please, someone else, buy my car for me so I don't have to do it and I don't have to testdrive, and I don't have to haggle and walk away from the table.