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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here is a List of Things I Hate:

I guess I'm in a "depressed" stage of my undiagnosed mild Manic-Depressive disorder, meaning I'm exhausted, have no concentration, and have nothing nice to say about anything; on the plus side, two weeks ago, I felt great. But these last two weeks, I've been in a downward spiral. So, although I've tried to be cheery, I don't think that's in the cards for this...three week spate.

So, here's a list of things I hate:

~ Roaches.
~ Andie McDowell.
~ People who tell me to cheer up.
~ Berets.
~ Fish and Seafood. (Although I like them when they're alive!)
~ Currently: Miami.
~ People who clap when a plane lands.
~ Taking depositions.
~ How getting your luggage at MIA invariably takes at least an hour.
~ Speakerphone.
~ Flat caps - especially on women.
~ Skittles.
~ Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep.
~ My neighbor, Nelson.
~ Dog poop.
~ People who cut across lanes of traffic to get in the left lane, only to cruise at the speed limit or below.
~ When all you want is a bowl of cereal, but the milk has juuuust gone bad.
~ Jagermeister.
~ Cancer.
~ People who don't pop gum before they make out with you.
~ Being itchy.
~ Being sweaty.
~ Being sweaty in Miami, because it never dries.
~ Inexplicable traffic jams.
~ Burning myself.
~ The people who fish on the canal outside my building, and yell all the time.
~ Folding laundry.
~ Biting on something hard in a hamburger.
~ People who don't silence their phones during movies.
~ People who talk during movies. And people who text.
~ Demolition of old buildings.
~ The smell of low tide.
~ Jellyfish stings.
~ Hangovers.
~ People who flake out on plans.
~ People in cars who don't give you when you're riding your bike.
~ Those little white bumps you get on your tongue when you eat too much citrus.
~ Humidity.
~ The lack of blackout shades in my apartment.
~ The fact that I haven't had a good night's sleep in over a year.
~ The bus. Specifically, the ones that pass my place.
~ Plant fungus.
~ That baby giggle ringtone.
~ Squash.
~ The taxis that double-park on Bay Road in the mornings in front of the Flamingo.
~ Being behind taxis in general.
~ Having part of the heel of my shoe fall off today, right before Court.
~ Broken glass.
~ Unnecessary honking.
~ Applebee's.
~ Listening to John McCain and/or George W. Bush speak.
~ Sleeping through a hotel's free Continental breakfast.
~ Opposing counsel.
~ Saying the word "food."
~ People who use the back of my seat on a plane, to help themselves stand up.
~ Hot Chip's New Album.
~ Friend attrition.
~ Harvey Wallbangers.
~ Horses.
~ Long John Silver's.
~ .........................................................

That's it for today. I'll come up with some more things I hate for tomorrow.