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Friday, July 02, 2010

Tacotento? No estuve.

Tonight, my friend Ashley and I dined at the newly opened Tacotento, on Lincoln Lane, on the Beach. You know, across the street from Buck15, and next to Bar 721, formerly Laundry Bar...and in the space that was formerly a gym? That place.

I already had some history with this place, having gone there on two rumors that it had opened, only to find out those rumors were...wrong. The last time, Daily Candy did it to me... jerks... and when we stopped by the restaurant, there was still paper on the windows.

So, given that history, I was sort of saving this review for the Heat Lightning (EAT asked me to contribute, and I wanted to have something good n' juicy for her) but... our experience there was so outright bad, I don't even want to spend the effort being wry and jerky about it, nor making this my debut piece on that blog.

Next time, EAT.

Anyway, on to the review: They were packed. Which is good.

Their staff doesn't speak English terribly fluently; some neither speak English nor Spanish fluently. It's loud.

And everything that could go wrong, did.

But I want them to survive, so here's my review...go once the restaurant finds its groove... give it three weeks.

Maybe I'll go back then... and have more to say, besides do not get the Pa'lambre. It tastes like it looks. Which is not a good thing. And skip their gluey pink rice, and pasty beans.

I mean, even though, "if you can't say something nice, then come sit next to me," is pretty much my motto, I at least like to give a restaurant props in its while ragging on the bad parts of the experience.

I guess I'll just say in this case, that they were apologetic... but not enough to comp anything on the bill. And it's wise of them to build in their 15% gratuity.