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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Snack Cakes

I remember these snack cakes from when I was a little boy in Roger's Forge... that they sold in the Cafeteria. I haven't seen them since. They were like Devil Dogs... but better. They were like Suzie Q's, but better. They... had this really great creme filling that was super fluffy, and not terribly sweet, and a sticky, not-too-sweet chocolate cake. They may have been made by Hostess, but I don't think so, they weren't Lil' Debbie, they weren't TastyKake, and they weren't Dolly Madison...

I have no fucking clue what they were. Every time I go to the Grocery Store (The W-D, that still never has anything consistently) and I see a new snack cake, I buy it in the vain hope that it's my precious snack cakes from '86-'87 and '87-'88.

And it never is...


I've been feeling guilty about never really getting a good grasp on even reading Hebrew in Hebrew School. Back then, I was too busy chewing on my rat-tail, and accusing Emily B. of making rude gestures at me, and being generally dirty and smelly. (Yeah, I was the smelly kid.)

What makes me feel ::super:: inferior is that I can't read cursive hebrew AT ALL. It looks much to me, as it probably does to most of you reading this blog... a collection of odd backwards english letter, squiggles and lines.

Add that to my general feeling of depression over my nonexistent Judiasm, and it was enough to drive me to want to go to Temple Israel this Friday for Services... that is, until Julie invited me to go to Opium. I guess I could do both... we'll see.

Anyhoo, the moral of the story is now, when I'm bored at work, I've been practicing my cursive Hebrew characters. I like the way it looks, and it's very satisfying to write! Much more so than those awkward, chunky block letters. And, I figure that if I get better at writing it, maybe I'll get a bit better at reading it, right? I'll still always need vowels, though... the dash, the little "t," the two horizontal dots, the one dot (under is "ee" over is "oh"), the two vertical dots, the three triangular dots, and the dots that are "falling down the stairs."

Anyway, something more about Hebrew, blah blah, the end.

Happy February!

Because once again I'm retreating from reading the news etc. (Hey, Maryland, the State, Go fuck yourself! (Except for Montgomery County and I think maybe Baltimore County) (But please let me still pass your bar...))

fear not, peeps. My next focus on blogging will be lighthearted again!


I'm not paying attention to what's going on around me! Whoo! I'm just like everyone else!