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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feel Good Story of the... Wait. Idiot.

Click the link above to read what the Miami Herald paints as a "feel good" story. Personally, I guess I'm glad the guy's alive...

But he's an idiot. And should have a vasectomy.

ONCE AGAIN, similar to my Girl Flips Car on 826 and Dies post, someone doing something stupid, got themselves in trouble, AGAIN, while driving.

Hey, note to Florida: How about a yearly driver's test?! Huh?! We need to get these people off the road. And how about questions on the test like, "While driving, and your cellular telephone rings, you should A) Take your hands and eyes off the steering wheel and road, and rummage around in your car until you find the phone and answer it while maintaining your current speed; B) Keeping your hands on the wheel, look for the Phone; C) Wait until your car is stopped safely and you are no longer driving to answer the phone and collect your messages.

I daresay that should be one that if you get it wrong, you fail your test.