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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Boner.

You might say I got stiffed tonight.

Har-har-har. Puns.

No, seriously. Tonight was the Office Christmas Party. Normally at the Office Christmas party, we receive an envelope. In past years, it was the equivalent of two months' salary, not bad considering we were a small outfit.

Last year it was a grand... which, not to sound snotty, but... what the hell.

This year... it was a filet mignon, and an unwanted extra glass of champagne (compliments of our Client, in whose restaurant we had our Christmas party.)

Awesome. A gain of four pounds and a hangover.

Not to sound ungrateful, but I'm going to sound ungrateful.

Yeah, yeah, economy is shit, tanking blah blah blah. You wouldn't know it from my workload. I'm busy as fuck, and I'm billing at least 160 hours a month for those guys. That's a maximum potential take, from my efforts of $36K/month.

It's not my problem if we collect it or not... I'm not the one who chooses the Clients. If they don't pay, why am I doing their shit?

It's like... if I'm profitable to the tune of $432,000/year, give or take... gimmie a fuckin' bonus. Or don't make us go to special "courses" to address our "goals" and our "growth."

At this point know what my goal is? To go somewhere else that pays me more, so when I get shafted on a Christmas Bonus, I could give a rat's ass, because, you know, I'm not scrounging day-to-day, and I can afford CABLE. (As it stands, I haven't had cable since August. Because I can't afford it. Discuss.)

Thanks for the steak. But I would rather have had the $70.00 my meal cost you, so I could have gone out to dinner with my friends...