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Friday, April 27, 2007

Almost Back!

I apologize for my dearth of posts.

You see, dear reader, Bellsouth/AT&T neglected to actually hook up my phone/interweb connection correctly.

And so, for the past week, I have only had internet at work. Where I have been working 12-13 hour days. Nonstop.

And then I would go home, look at boxes, drink wine and cry.

But it's almost over! I have internet! I have a weekend to unpack and get everything laid out right...

And if anyone wants to buy me a birthday/early Chanukkah present, I would suggest buying me an AN-MB70LP lightbulb for my projection screen tv. They're about $425. Who knew?

Not I, McFly. Besides the bulb problem, I have fixed my leaking toilet, fixed my jammed window blind, and replaced a broken glass light fixture.

I have also learned that Energy Saver bulbs do not work on dimmer switches; that having a remote control for your kitchen lights and your bedroom light is AWESOME, and that I can gerry-rig a decent enough solution to keep my FUCKING HORRIBLE JALOUSIE WINDOWS from clattering out of their brackets and shattering on the concrete floor below my front door.

I have affixed mezuzahs, and I have learned that I hate all the appliances in my house because they're cheap and LOUD, and I have seen a Manatee and a big stingray swimming outside my living room window.

I'll be settled in soon. You should come over when I am.