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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Status Update II

Moved my possessions on Thursday - well, all of them that aren't currently stored in my office, my office's refrigerator, my car or my hotel room.

I then moved into the Intercontinental. It was nice. But now I'm in a vastly more crappy hotel near work. I had my vacation. Back to the grind.

Everything is working out. My old place is now completely void of my possessions. And I paid a lady $50 bucks to make it completely void of my dirt.

Tomorrow, come 4:00 p.m., HOPEFULLY, I will be a homeowner. With two Mortgages.


And then begins the unpacking. And the deciding what I want to do with my new place. And a special assessment for window replacements.

It'll be all good, though. Tomorrow, I shall be a homeowner. (I hope.)

And then I'll blog. Or something. If I have internet in my new place set up already (not sure whether I do...)

Anyhoo... cheerio.