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Sunday, July 08, 2007


At approximately 1:10 p.m. on Sunday, I did what I've been waiting to do forever:

I dumped "The Boy." It didn't go very well. But hey. That's life in the big city, right?


*** UPDATE ***

Oy. Okay. After he ranted after the initial dump, he called me back an hour and a half later. Thereupon he ranted at me that I never gave him a chance (Seven months?) and that he wanted to be friends, and maybe down the line we could try again, and if I ever got lonely I should call him, and that and he hoped I didn't end up a lonely old gay man. (I'm 26. Please.) It was essentially a repeat of everything he was grasping at after the initial "I'm done," only he reiterated that I should have told him the last time we had the "You don't pay enough attention to me" chat, that I wasn't going to change and then he could have thought about it.

So I called him on that, and let him know that yeah, I took away his chance to dump me - if he thought I wasn't interested, he should have acted faster. Too late. Get over it.

I don't feel bad anymore. I did. If he had scooped up his dignity in a little package and not given me "what for" I'd feel bad. But now I don't. I understand he's angry, but don't antagonize me. Yelling at me isn't going to make me change my mind, it's just going to further cement that I did the right thing. It feels super nice.

And in a show of what a big boy he is, he changed his profile song to "She Fuckin' Hates Me" and took me off his top 12. ::eyeroll:: I guess that's one of those things he had to do to for a "close out," but, again, this is why I date guys that are older than me...

Oh well! Off to Target!