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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dear Sandra Day O'Connor,

Dear Sandra Day O'Connor,

You are a bitch.

Yeah. I said it. You're a bitch. I was always on the fence about you, I never could decide whether I liked you or hated you. Sometimes you were a "good guy," sometimes you were a "bad guy." All I have to say is that you have sealed my opinion of you as a "bad guy," by resigning during the Bush administration.

HOW! DARE! YOU! leave office at such a crucial time in American Jurisprudence?! HMM!? How could you just swish out of court leaving Bush to appoint TWO, TWO conservative justices in your and Rehnquist's place?! Because let's face it, the man's gonna die any month now. Thyroid cancer in an 84 year old? I think we all know where that's going.

And yet, he's still on the bench. And everyone KNOWS that Rehnquist is a bad, BAD man. And yet, he's holding on. But you? At a scant 75 years old you just waltz off the bench? For. Shame.

I really hope that it was your lifelong aspiration to undo all of the equal protection and due process cases of the late 20th and early 21st century. Becasue I'm pretty sure that your retiring at such a crucial point in time has sealed that fate.

Ugh. Now Bush is going to have to appoint someone to replace you. The thought of it makes me nauseous.

I don't give two shits about the economic ramifications of Republicans, it's truly their stand on moral issues. Keep your freakish Christian morals out of the governance of my person. I'm not a Christian, I don't have to abide by what you think is right.

Thank, O'Connor. Thanks a bunch. You've ensured the status quo, IF THAT, and at worse, none of us will have any rights whatsoever if Rehnquist, Thomas and Scalia have any thing to do with it. And they will, because at least you were a swing vote. Whatever Bible-thumping lunatic Bush places in your seat will undoubtedly seek to have blacks placed back into slavery, remove women's right to vote, and will probably resurrect Hitler, and attempt to send all American Jews back to Nazi Germany.

You're a real prize, you know that, O'Connor? You and your ruffle, and your hairdo that hasn't changed in 24 years. My only consolation is that you'll probably die soon. I mean, I remember when Thurgood Marshall retired, he like stepped down and died the next day.

It better be death at your doorstep, O'Connor, that's your reason for stepping down. Otherwise, I sure hope you treasure your time with your grandkids and your "Constant Comment" tea, before you're cast into the firey pits of hell to roast for eternity for stepping down at such an important time when we have a despot in the White House, and fundamentalist morons in the House and the Senate.

Sit on it, and spin.