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Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh, Miami! You have such awesome crimes!

Like -- where else in the Country would someone kill a lady driving a car (shoot or stab, we don't know yet), and leave her body parked in the driver's seat, under an overpass, with her twin 18-month-old babies crying in the back seat?

We also mutilate manatees and birds that steal fishing bait down here.

People are seriously fucked up.

Just a thought -

Hey University of Miami School of Law:

Another reason I won't ever be giving you any of my money, ever, in a million, billion years:

Chief Justice John Roberts is going to be at the BankUnited Center on Campus tonight?

And you didn't inform your alumni about it, or otherwise make admission available to your alumni...

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Until I get a little back-scratchery (say, equal to the roughly 90K I coughed up to you for a piece of paper and the privilege of taking the worst test ever) you'll see not one thin dime from me.

A good place to start would, in my opinion, have been letting me know that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was going to be a quarter mile from my home. Furthermore, an invite would have been nice. It's being held in a stadium for Chrissake.

In the infamous words of Paula from Real World: "Kiss my ass! Kiss my goddamn ass!"

I wish there was money in what I love...

So, I'm reading a piece in the Washington Post this morning about a Sittow Diptych exhibit currently at the National Gallery of Art (planning activities for my trip home...) and I got goosebumps from reading about medieval Flemish portraiture.

The names Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Hans Memling... these names inspire goosebumps from me? Reading about the Arnolfini Wedding inspires goosebumps in me? Lame.

Lame, but oh well. I just wish there was money to be had in studying things. I'd want to be an archaeologist, or an anthropolgist, or an art historian or an art restoration expert or any one of the other occupations where there's a tangible link and study of history. Except that people that do those things are poor. And I don't want to be poor.

I wish I loved finance. Or "mergers and acquisitions" or Hedge-Fund management. But I don't. Those things are boring as hell to me. Even law is getting boring -- the transactional parts, anyway.

Know what I really want to do? Watch TV. Or Coallate and staple things. Or make Sno-Cones. Or count people getting off subways. Or photograph food. Or have Samantha Brown's job, travelling around checking out hotels. Or analyze medieval oil-on-panel paintings with a microscope to glean anthropological and cultural details.

Oh well. Back to drafting documents to finance a land and construction loan...

And as a side note -- hey Blogger -- what, exactly, is it about my blog that makes it seem like a Spam Blog to you? Take the damn word verification off for me to post.

Thanks, bitches.