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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


To those of you who gripe that I never leave Florida: Get married.

That seems to be the only reason I can reach my tight little Jew-Fist into my tight little Mortgagee wallet, and pull out my groaning credit cards to buy flight tickets and hotel rooms.

This year, between July 2-July 7, I will be in Jackson Hole, WY! (Note to self: sign up for whitewater rafting trip.)


Sadly, it's not skiing season, but hopefully this winter or the next I'll have the financial wherewithal to get out on those runs. Again. I love skiing in Wyoming.

I have flight tickets, I have a hotel room, I need a car, and I need to chat with one of my High School friends out there, to let her know I'll be in town.

Ohhhhh, YES! Wyoming! There's no place I'd rather be roaming...