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Friday, April 29, 2005

Jefferton alive!

Tom Goes to the Mayor. Show. Cartoon Network, Adult Swim. VERRRRRRRRY FUNNY. Animation/Live Action. You'll be a better person for watching. If not better, funnier. Rik-a-tik-a-tik-tock-tick-tock-tock...Riiiing Ring-a-ding-ding, Ring-a-ding-ding. Rik-a-tik-a-tik-tock-tock.

If you started singing along when I just wrote that, I love you. If not, watch the show (specifically the one with Michael Ian Black) and get back to me when you're cool.

In all honesty, this is just another one of those shows that seems to speak to things I love - mocking the mundane, awkward facial expressions, stripmalls, buffets, the color blue and seeing sad average people fail, because they're married to obese freaks.

"Rats off to ya."

Sorry, Andy,

Your Grandma's dead because she couldn't pay for her pills. On the plus side, my family has just upholstered four sofas with endangered tiger pelts!!! And little Barbara just had a pair of Ugg boots made out of Rhino skin! We're jetting off to London now, on someone else's AmEx card. If you think what we're doing is wrong and against the rules, we'll just change 'em!