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Sunday, November 07, 2010

World Resources Cafe...

I had lunch today at World Resources Cafe today - I met up with my friends Kat, Reed, Annhy and her adorababy, and despite my best attempts to be incognito as I was (and am) suffering from a terrible hangover as a result of one of the weekly weddings I attend, I pretty much saw everyone I knew on Lincoln.

World Resources is sort of wasted on me - I don't eat fish, so... I go there about once every two years until I forget why I don't typically go there - because their menu is 80% fish.

However, there is a new reason I may never go there again (until I forget today's trauma) - I was already in a pretty delicate state when we went to the restaurant - Kat, Reed and I popped into Finnegan's before we got to the restaurant, and I made them sit outside because the smell of chlorine in Finnegan's was... unsettling to me.

The ensuing meal at World Resources was completely inoffensive... until the end.

Some table near us ordered what must have been their "Dead Fishtank Special," because a ceaseless wave of the fishiest, wettest, rankest smell enveloped us. The smell made me retch. Literally. I ran from the table, but the smell was so strong, it was even smellable inside the art gallery that opened up in the old Sak's.

In the end, I threw down my credit card, told my friends to sign for me, and ran to the Pink Palm to await retrieval.

Hours later, and I can still smell it.

I have no idea who could eat such pungent and awful-smelling food... but... World Resources - you should probably check that Swordfish x 1,000,000,000 meal - it drives away customers.