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Friday, March 28, 2008

You should Netflix:

Okay. We all remember my "Turkey Lurkey" phase.

Well, I'm still not out of it.

But I have a new movie that's pretty fuckin' fantastic, and satisfies my need for '60s psychadelic movement and music.

God. This is so gay... but... Sweet Charity. It was my hidden shame, until I came to grips with it.

I mean, the movie has some moments to it that make my teeth set on edge (too "musically") but there are also some fantastic dance sequences, that make me wish I was around in the '60s to have gone to "Clubs" like the "Pompeiian," so I could contort my body in awkward positions and dance like them.

Also, the soundtrack, by and large is still set in that time period when music was created by instruments, not electronics, so there's plenty of that brass sound I like from that era.

Why, God, Why did you have to take Bob Fosse away from us!? I don't think I can do a single one of the dance moves in this movie. My body doesn't contort the way his dancers' bodies contort, which makes the dancing all the more impressive.

The first sequence is dubbed in Spanish, but there are only three times where the Spanish comes out, the rest of it is original. I HIGHLY recommend watching this on a bigger screen, because this loses a LOT from YouTube, both visually and the audio also sucks... but here goes... Scene No. 1 from Sweet Charity that made me think, "This is a Pretty Fucking Awesome Movie." I'd wager that the dance sequences and Austin Powers' costume from Austin Powers were based on this scene.

Okay, scene two is "Hey Big Spender." The trombone riffs are... awesome. They get lost from computer speakers - MUCH BETTER heard through surround sound. Again, this loses a lot of itself from the transfer to computer. But still. The bodily contortion and the apathetic blank stare of the girls... awesome.

And lastly, there's Sammy Davis Junior with The Rhythm of Life... which, again, better on TV with Surround Sound.