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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Woah. It's finally distasteful.

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To see the Affidavit of some... Doctor? Funeral Director? that they had better release Anna Nicole Smith's body from the Morgue toute suite lest she be less aesthetically pleasing.

That's not an issue for Jews. We don't look at our dead. No embalming, no viewing, Taharah.

That's a strange concept for me - that they want to release the body so she's as pretty as she would be alive. (Psst! Not possible.)

So, that's the first issue -- weird, that people are filing affidavits saying, "Bury her or she won't look nice at her viewing!!"

Second issue: Where did they get this affidavit? It's not time stamped from the Broward County Clerk's office. Where did it come from?

Third issue: That is the same notary stamp I have!

Fourth issue: This is a journalistic newsworthy-ness lowpoint. Absolutely... awful, sickening, and pandering to the basest of human curiosities. And I wish I wasn't sort of fascinated.

Here. Learn something. They didn't teach us this in Hebrew School, huh?

Movie I recommend:

Imitation of Life, 1934 version with Claudette Colbert and Louise Beavers.

So depressing on so many levels... But a great movie. You really, really should see it, if nothing else, for Louise Beavers' performance.

Netflix it, NOW.