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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

One of my esteemed colleagues...


I'm sitting in the library, trying to convince myself I want to do 50 PMBR questions on Property. Know what? I don't. I don't want to get fuddled with equitable servitudes and easements (prescriptive, by implication and the like) and I don't want to think about Riparian Water Rights or Executory interests subject to divestment. Nor do I want to think about the Dormant Commerce Clause or Presidential Powers of Appointment of Administrative Offices, and the 5th section of the 13th Amendment. I don't like Character Evidence or impeachment, and don't understand why I can never use Rule 403 or rule 703 as answers. What else have we done? Strict liability, and intentional torts la la la la la la la la....

Wow. I'm already a bitchy basketcase right now, and I've barely even scratched the surface of what I have to do all summer. This is going to seriously ROCK.

Also, I'm very resentful of people. Our campus hosts the live Bar-Bri series in Miami. That means that all the worms that went to other "lesser" area Florida Schools are infesting my campus, and going the wrong way in the parking lot, dinging cars because they don't know how to maneuver the Miami Law Lot, and making the lines at the vending machines too long. Dear people, Bar-Bri offers these courses at your respective area schools. Please go there, and stop having long, greasy hair (How are you a male, about to be a lawyer, with long hair?!) and fat arms at our school. Yes, I'm being mean right now. Also, I really wouldn't care if these people were here if they were at least ATTRACTIVE (Yes, now I'm being shallow) but many of them are fugly. Not just ugly, Fugly. My friend's girlfriend who went to UF sat next to me today, and, unsolicited, she turned to me and said, "God, your school is really ugly. I told all my friends at UF Law that Miami is home to the ugliest assortment of people I've ever seen." I was quick to inform her that I did not know about 70% of the people in the various rooms... but I never really realized just how ugly lawyers as a class could be... until they tunneled out of their mud dens, erupting onto my campus like the Baltimore Cicada Invasion of 1987...(YES! 2 Cicada references in 1 week!)

Miami must have been a pretty good-looking school. My class is probably the ugliest class in school right now, and we're really not even that ugly. I'd say the vast majority of us fit, AT LEAST into the "cute" mold. The classes under us have a lot of hot kids. Go them. Yes, "cute" is subjective, because lawyers as a whole are not particularly attractive people (although, I stand by this: I know that I am very cute, and in that I take comfort...even if I win "very cute" because of my youthful appearance and impish grin.) but there must be some real trolls dragging their knuckles around the bricks if even lawyers are looking around saying, "Guhhhh! These people are gross!"

So...having cemented another day's Karma as "bad" I am going to pick up my pencil and my 7-inch-thick book, and try to wrap my brain around the confusing fact patterns I'm given. Oh, and I think I also desperately need glasses...but that's going to have to wait until I get good health insurance, or until I can convince my parents to take pity on me...although - my last optical exam WAS 4 years ago when I was a Junior in college... hmm.