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Friday, June 15, 2007

After five long years... NETWORKED.

In college, before sharing MP3s was quite so illegal, and Scour Media Network was the prime MP3 sharer (long time ago, right? When WinAmp was the only program that played MP3s?!) I took advantange of my dorm's internal network to fill my five gigabyte harddrive full of MP3 goodness! Oh, I was so happy! There were so many MP3s!

And I filled the fucking thing up.

I brought it down with me to Miami, minus the screen, because let's face it, Dell Dimension Desktops circa 1998 were bulky and HUGE.

Given that my college computer, while riddled with MP3 goodness was also riddled with other... issues, I couldn't just boot it up and network the thing, I had to buy a keyboard to get past the initial password protection I had put on it, and have a mouse present for some reason...but it never worked on a small internal network I had set up...

While the office started closing down, I stole a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse that were (thankfully) still compatible and connectible with a 9-year-old computer. I finallly decided, tonight that I was going to try to network everything together again tonight.

Of course while stealing the monitor, I forgot to steal the power cord to the monitor. Oh well. Regardless, I plugged in the keyboard, typed in the password when I figured the prompt came up, and then pushed "enter" a short time thereafter, when I thought Windows (98) had finally booted up.

I saw a green light on my network hub... and connected my laptop into the hub, along with the modem... and crossed my fingers. As I searched around for a network, and began to grow frustrated, thinking that the old computer was still as useless and craptacular as it had been that muggy August afternoon in 2002, when I finally gave up all hope of networking the computers together...

But wait! There was something I had never seen before hidden under many, many tabs.

Know what? I have access to the Program Files section of my old Computer! AWESOME!

I have no idea where all the old porn is on my old computer... I'll have to do a more thorough search some other time; hell as it was I couldn't find my MP3s.

Know why? Because I named the folder "Ourscay." For those of you who were a little slow on the draw on that one, that's Scour, in Pig-Latin.


But... I now have access to all my rare and weird MP3s, especially my old music ones, from the 20s, 30s and 40s, that I've been pining for all these years. The reasons I lugged a 50 pound tower from Wisconsin to Maryland to Coral Gables, to Coral Gables, to Miami Beach.

And I have them.

And I'm listening to them now.

And I'm so happy.

And it also means I can post things I wrote in college... which should be fun for everyone.

In fact, right now, I think I'll post a paper I wrote in Botany 240, Plants and Man (my favorite class) analyzing floral imagery in its evolution from symbolic to sexual; Medieval to Modern...

And I can do it while listening to Bessie Smith belt "I'm Wild About That Thing!"