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Sunday, October 05, 2008


My lovely friend Spencer got married this weekend, to a lovely girl. I don't know much about her family's background, or what they do, but I'd bet that they're probably pretty connected D.C. people. I really like her, though, she's a sweetheart.

The wedding itself was lovely, in a Catholic church off Chevy Chase Circle, on Connecticut. This one even had the stereotypical red-faced drunken Irish priest. He was great... like something out of Central Casting.

The reception was at the Congressional Country Club, a very, very tony country club in Bethesda (or Potomac?)

Aside from being just lovely in that Biltmore-y, 20s Mediterranean revival kind of way, I have never seen a nicer green.

It. Was. Lovely.

I didn't know grass CAME in that color.

If I were a golfing man, I would have drooled.

But I left the drooling to the other wasp-embroidered slipper-wearing wedding guests.