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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Frequent contact.

Stephen has been calling me a lot lately. I wonder if it's because of the text I sent him April 2, saying "HAPPY ONE YEAR BREAKUP ANNIVERSARY!!"

Today we had the following conversation:

Stephen: My mom wants to know when you're coming to Houston to visit.
Me: What? Really? Your mom really asked that?
Stephen: Yeah. My mom really liked you. She thought you were very cute. She thought you were the cutest of all my Jewish boyfriends.
Me: Well, Joel was... (here, I cut off, because his ex boyfriend, Joel was actually very handsome, but I was going to make a snitty comment - but I held off, because I figured if I said something less than nice it would get right back to Joel...)
Stephen: Joel had bug-eyes. You're the cutest Jewish boyfriend I ever had...


I'm over the break-up, I'm pretty sure. Except...

If he were to call me and tell me he's moving back to Miami and wanted to get back together... after making him sweat for the requisite period of time to regain the power status, I'm pretty sure I'd get back with him in a hot second. Despite how tempestuous our relationship was. And how much he annoyed the shit out of me. Even though it was more bad than it was good, I doubt it's possible for me to love anyone like I loved him. Or maybe it was the booze and the pills.