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Saturday, January 17, 2009

For the love of God, Grandma!

Last night I took the 6:10 from Ft. Lauderdale to Providence, to see my grandmother, after having had my aunt tell the old broad for the last week that I was coming, and to please, as a favor to me, stay alive through Saturday so I could get in the visit she's been asking me for, forever. The visit was scheduled for the end of February, but it got pushed up.

After reminding her for the last week that I was coming, of late with the response, "I. KNOW!" last night, my aunt told her, "I'm leaving to the airport to get [me!] See you tomorrow morning!"

"Ok! See you tomorrow!"

Except not so much. That sly old fox kicked the bucket last night probably around 12:30, thus guaranteeing a major delay for her funeral, what with Shabbat, and the holiday on Monday, oh, and also it's 4 degrees in Boston and we're getting a blizzard on Sunday.

Like, seriously?

She couldn't have waited 10 more hours to, "take her shoes off, and her teeth out"??!? Then I would have seen her when it mattered and been able to go home and get on with things instead of dealing with the less important stuff (the funeral).

Grandma. Oy.