I'm a little slow today. I just switched to Sanka. So...have a heart?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I HAVE FINISHED LAW SCHOOL. I AM DONE. And it's very anti-climactic. Tonight I am going to throw away all the papers I accumulated during my 3-year tenure, that I was saving for "the bar" (riiight, like I'm going to read study aids from Civ Pro I after shelling out 3,000 bucks on bar classes...

Insomnia is not fun.

I can't sleep. I have my last final tomorrow from 1-4, and one would think that I'd be dozing. Not so. Suddenly there are so many things to take care of, from clearing my finals detritus away, to studying last-minute, to writing thank-you cards to Corey, Rick and Hans for having Stephen and Me up to their house a few weekends ago, to making dinner reservations for graduation night (why can't I bring myself to do that?) to FINDING A JOB, to sending out a mother's day card (it's gonna be late. oops. as usual.) to figuring out what my little brother and I are going to do for my parents' 30th anniversary, 3 days after I graduate from law school. Cancelling and re-consolidating my student loans. Studying for the bar... I feel like there's more... Getting the A/C in my car looked at, figuring out Key West plans, paying the electric and phone and DSL bills... sending out for more NetFlix...

Well. At least I have a list of the swords of Damoclese hanging over my head... It'll be my electronic to-do list. I'll bold them when I've finished them. Yay.