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Sunday, February 12, 2006

What a bender... I mean weekend.

Spencer and Jamie came down. I drank too much, and spent too much money. Just another weekend in Miami. Skizz.

Giada di Laurentiis is the latest target of my Food Network ire. I have two issues with her:

1) Her adjectives. She has a very short list. It bothers me. "Creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet, crispy, rich." I don't know why it irks me so, but I'm like "JESUS, GIADA, GET SOME NEW ADJECTIVES!" I call her "Creamy-crunchy" when talking about her with Stephen. We talk a lot about the Food Network. I wonder if that's a good thing or not... Oh well.

Now, I'm sure that her food is creamy, crunchy, salty and sweet - it all looks very delicious. But aren't there other words that could be used to throw a little variety in there? Briny? Moist? Buttery? Verdant? Grassy? Tart? Lemony? There are just a few. Feel free to expand the list, Giada.

2) We get it. You're I-talian. Born in Rome, blah blah, and you speak English lke you were born here. But one of the most annoying things to me is when someone is clipping along in English, and then they're like "We're going to have some Spa-GHET-Ti now with some Pro-CIU-TTo di PArrma and Par-me-JAH-no Reg-GIA-no."

No. You're going to have some Spagetty with some proshutto and some parmesan cheese. From a shaker.

GOD. Just pronounce it in English. So annoying. It may be called that in Italian, but you're not SPEAKING Italian right now, you're speaking English. So... yeah.

Stop overpronouncing Italian words.

That is all.