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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sra. Martinez!

Last night, I went to Mishy'sMichy's Sra. Martinez.

I echo Brickell Life's sentiments that the cocktails there are stellar.

The food was solidly good; but as I'm not a fish person (at all) it cut out about half of the menu for me. No matter, there was still plenty to choose from.

I got the Crispy Pork Belly with Beni Hana sauce; the Patatas Bravas with crispy ham, and a white bean stew with foie gras sausage.

My friend got the serrano ham, tuna tartar, and... shrimp...somethings.

My two hits were the Patatas Bravas and the foie gras sausage...they were good... but I didn't have a Meg-Ryan-When-Harry-Met-Sally orgasm at the table.

The drinks were terrific. I got a minty-St-Germainey one, the Hamhattan (as our waitress called it) and one with bourbon and thyme syrup. The Hamhattan (made with ham-infused Maker's Mark) left me hanging at first, but the ham flavor needs to build up, I guess (I couldn't taste it the first couple sips) but then, BANG! Ham!

The thyme-syrup bourbon was deeelicious.

The crispy pork belly is better at Michy's.

What I was really stunned about, and impressed with, is the service.

The service is great. Great, great, great. Attentive, unobtrusive, smooth, and friendly. When my foie gras sausage dish came out about 20 minutes after it was supposed to, it was delivered by the manager, with apologies from the Chef (Michelle Bernstein! OMG!) who had comped the dish. He then said nice things about the dish, and brought extra bread to soak up the foie gras sausage juice.

And that sealed the deal.

Me likey.

I'm going back.

By the end of next time, I will have tried about half of the drinks on the drink menu. And I'm okay with that.