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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am a rude, impatient person.

I hate my stained glass class. I don't hate doing the work. I just hate the class. I hate how the Cuban helper guy is always calling me away from doing something to haltingly and unclearly tell me something that I've already figured out.

And I hate how my instructor is mean. And has B.O. And I hate how today she spent the last 20 minutes of class trying to sell us grinders. I hate how I've already spent four hundred bucks there, and like hell I'm going to buy a fucking grinder to the tune of two hundred more dollars.

Class ends at 9. Or, it's supposed to. After the sales pitch today that lasted until 9:20, I packed my shit and left. Midway through. While the middle aged married couple debated buying one AND KEPT ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT BUYING A GRINDER. I'm over it. I'm not that in love with this hobby that I have to buy a grinder. If need be, I'll go to UM and use one, or rent time there.

Ugh. I like sitting at home and doing the work. But I just want to be left alone when I'm there. Teach me, stop selling me shit, and let me do the work. You've already sucked four hunnit' bux out of me. ENOUGH.

I feel bad, but I'm over this. I want to learn how to do it and call it quits. And not go hang out with those ANNOYING PEOPLE anymore.