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Friday, June 01, 2007

Another one bites the dust...

Stop Miami, which was one of my favorite little wine bars to visit when I was tooling around the Design District closed.

Many of us can attest that it was a decent little place, and, frequently, the only place opened in the Mid-Town Miami Area for any type of food, whatsoever.

That's changed, with Michael's Genuine, and Circa 28, but...


I liked my Stop Miami. They were unpretentious to the point of overly informal...(the owner once stole a pack of my drinking smokes) and they had a good wine list and good music.

We'll miss you, Stop Miami.

Seriously? Forty years?

The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper Album debuted 40 years ago. The Washington Post does a great job of breaking down why, exactly, everyone and their grandmother enjoys not only this album... but the Beatles in general. Go on. Name one person who doesn't like them... and who doesn't, by some strange form of osmosis, know the words to most of their songs...

The Beatles cause significant changes in our brain chemistry. Probably because when they wrote the album...they were also experiencing significant changes in their brain chemistry. And who doesn't like to have a brain chemistry change every now and then, eh?

And for those of you who are my age... isn't it odd to think that this Album was only 13 years old when we were born?! Oooooh! Spooky!