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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sad. And disturbing.

Mr. Goodbody...

Every now and then I'll be sitting around...or running around...or stressing about something (usually I'm stressing about something) when a little annoying snippet of music comes into my head, "Everybody's rolling on an ocean of emotion..." and I think "UGH! SLIM GOODBODY...WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO PESTER ME, YEA, AFTER ALL THESE YEARS?!"

Slim Goodbody. What a horrible late 70s, early 80s concept. A man, wearing a flesh colored, spandex, full-body leotard, which had been airbrushed to include the pulmonary system and various bones and organs. ::shudder::

And Slim Goodbody put out records (yes, records) wherein he sang about the joys of the body, and how things worked. For some reason, the "Ocean of Emotion" song managed to weasel itself into my long-term memory, and now, at inopportune times, it clunks out an annoying seven notes in my head, before receeding back into the haze. Why does it do this? I don't know ANY MORE of the song than those seven words, but why, oh, why do they come back?

Oh well. I tried to find the lyrics out there so you could be disturbed too, but alas, that will not happen. A google image search revealed that this loser is still playing to sold-out crowds of six-year-olds. I hope he's very happy with the work he's been doing...and I hope his nasty leotard gets washed frequently...