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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Some Open Letters:

An Open Letter to my Reebok Stay-Put Exercise Ball:

Dear Reebok Stay-Put Exercise Ball:

1) You are difficult to inflate, and you take a lot of time to fill up with airy goodness.

2) You do not fold up for easy storage.

3) You do not match the decor of my living room.

4) I look forward to sharing many years months weeks days hours of exercising with you, until I get bored with you and stop using you like all the rest of my exercise equipment.

5) Please make me get a washboard stomach and get rid of my pothandles.



Dear Mari Winsor:

You are weird. And I think you're on drugs. Furthermore, seeing your Zombie-face in HD is frightening. Please wear a mask. I suggest an Esther mask, normally used by first and second graders during Hebrew School Purim Carnivals. Sure, it'll be scary and creepy, but much less so than your current countenance.