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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Writers of the Office:

Dear Writers of the Office:

Thank you. Thank you for using the time during the Writer's Strike, to mull over, hone and perfect the storylines and scripts. There's character development we've never seen before... there's as much "raw honesty" and "stripped-to-the-bone-imperfect-frankness" as there are cringingly uncomfortable moments, and moments where I'm probably smiling at the TV.

You guys clearly worked even when you weren't working. I guess now that I watch what you've done, you've set the bar pretty high, because I realize that all other shows back in production should really kick ass this season, as the writers and storyline developers had a reeeeeeeaaaaaaallllly long vacation to get all creative-like.


I just wanted to say "thanks." You've renewed my faith that good television isn't dead.