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Thursday, March 10, 2011

South Beach Wine and Food Festival Redux

Remember that time I was freaking out because I was so excited about the South Beach Wine and Food Festival?

Yeah, well, I don't.

Because I gave myself a concussion that night. And I haven't been the same since.

Note to everyone - when you go, have an awesome time, but do not sample EVERY WINE and liquor in the place, and then sit on one of those new DecoBike Bike Sharing rails.

Because you will fall backwards. Onto cement. And you will crack a rib in your back. And you will give yourself a concussion, as your head splats against the pavement at Fifth and Ocean. And you will not go to the doctor. And you will still have symptoms of the concussion two weeks later. Like vertigo. And being unable to remember your secretary's name.

So, you know... be careful. The lesson I learned is: I'm just always going to wear a helmet. Always. In Court? Helmet. Swimming? Helmet. The one-time-a-year I go to synagogue? Helmet. Sleeping? Helmet.