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Saturday, April 14, 2007



Have been stolen.


Some presents. From Baltimore and me, to you.

I must be feeling a little nostalgic for my dirty, cracked-out, bat-shit insane hometown.

I miss these commercials:

1) Senate Insurance. Tell those other Insurance Companies to "Kiss My Bumper! Just Kiss it!" [the laugh portion of this one was cut out...]

2) Gebco. The worst, cheesiest commercials... ever. Full of filthy whores with doubtlessly stinky vaginas. And, for those of you who grew up with these commercials like me, you don't have to thank me for getting the "Go Gebco!" song stuck in your head. It was a gift from me, to you!

3) 1994 was an ugly, ugly year.

4) Here are some old Natty-Boh commercials.

5) Here's a fantastic Hairspray Montage taken from the Movie, put to the Opening of the Show, "Good Morning Baltimore."

6) Here's Opening Day at Camden Yards (I was there.) The BEST part of this clip is when one of my family friends from our Synagogue Gang, makes a surprise appearance giving an interview about the Light Rail kicking off service an hour early. Oh, Ron! You...look the same. Hey Stan Stovall! Hey Tony Pagnotti! Oh, and Willard Scott back when he was on News Channel Two!

7) Marty Bass' 20th Anniversary with WJZTV 13. Noteable in this one is Richard Scher. Who I have always hated, and who I will continue to hate. I'm sparing you the Eight Hundred hours of "REMEMBERING AL SANDERS."

8) (NOT SAFE FOR WORK.) And lastly, this one, which I think is, possibly, the funniest commercial, EVER, even though it's a spoof. They hired the "NATIONWIDE WAREHOUSE!" guy, I guess?

Great Little Video

It's funny, I even know the GARAGE this begins and ends in. (The Monty's Marina Garage under the Murano Grande).

The opening sequence is essentially my future commute to work. Otherwise, these are my 'hoods, yo, the bulk of this is filmed on South Beach, with a Foray to the Biltmore in my current hood, the 'Gables.

Many thanks to Stuck on the Palmetto, a fantastic local Florida Blog that, if you live in Miami, you should click on no less than twelve to fifteen times per day. Check it out. It's worthwhile. Both Stuck on the Palmetto and this video.