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Monday, November 23, 2009


I need to share something with you, so I'm going to cut the chatter, and right to the chase. The site below, could save you lots of money:


It's an airline ticket site (like Sidestep or Kayak or Orbitz...) but the difference is that you register, buy the ticket, and Yapta monitors the price of your flights. It'll let you know when the ticket drops below a certain point (say $514.96 for a ticket from Miami to the Virgin Islands... just... for example).

If, say, that $514.96 ticket should drop below $150.00 from the price that you bought it, (like, say to $214.00), Yapta sends you an Alert, you call the Airline, tell them of the ticket price drop, and they charge you a ticket reissuing fee of $150.00, out of the difference between the new price of the ticket, and the price you paid (but they don't charge your credit card... ya dig?) In my case the price dropped $296.00... since I had already paid and was on the hook for the $514.96, they subtracted $150.00 from the difference, and they're issuing me a ticket voucher for $146!

I asked the lady, "What's the catch?" No catch. You keep your same ticket, they just re-issue it at a lower price, keep $150 of the money you're never going to see again anyway, and refund you the difference!

Don't say I never gave ya nothin'.