I'm a little slow today. I just switched to Sanka. So...have a heart?

Monday, February 26, 2007


The Food and Wine Festival was great.

Martha Stewart actually seems like lots less of a condescending bitch in person. Still a bitch, but slightly more accessible.

Paula Deen is as lovely in person as on T.V. Bobby Deen = Skinnier. Paula's new husband = just as "why is he on T.V." as ever.

George Duran = cute n' cuddly. He was astonished at my knowledge of the make-up of Cuban Sandwiches. I told him it was because I was Cuban by association.

Giada = Sweet, drew a huge crowd, head less enormous in person. Didn't stay long because we were in the sun, and I had to start drinkin', and we couldn't see.

I tapped the Kitchen Impossible guy on the shoulder and told him I liked his show. He seems like sort of an ass. He didn't get any shows anywhere, he was just meandering around.

Michael Chiarello was drunk the whole time and only had one bodyguard.

Dave Lieberman = Absolutely adorable. Terribly sunburnt. Said "fuck" a lot, and called everyone in Miami "skanks." And seems like an enormous cocky ass, and not the sweet dweeb he plays on T.V. It may be over between us.

Beyond that, I have one of those rare "two-day hangovers" which totally sucks, and I want to die.

Off to work!