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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jonathan Antin, Crybaby bitch.

Ooh. I love the fact that Blow Out is back on the air on Bravo.

I love seeing what a martyr, bitch, crybaby, self-important, condescending, hella bro, pompous asshole Jonathan Antin is in the hour-long course of his show every week.

Oooh. Fabulous. This week he's crying about his product line, how it's all, "take, take, take," because clearly he's stretched himself too thin, and isn't giving his NY based product people any input on what he wants. So they're moving into his office. And for some reason, this isn't his fault. His product line is also, "too greasy" and it's "never perfect" (whatever...) and some designer has changed the style of his clothing, and, even though it's fashion week in NY, and, you know, all about THE CLOTHES (the model's hair is like...collateral..) Jonathan is whipping himself into a snit because B Michael has changed his design. Which is a huge deal for Jonathan, replete with empty threats and whining.

God, he's such a fag.

And has anyone noticed how all of his stylists have really annoying nosejobs, and their botox jobs and plucked eyebrows make them look like evil pixies (both men and women)?

It's the new show I love to hate. I'm so glad Season II has started.

Oh, and along with Lenscrafters, this years product placement advertiser is Sprint-Samsung! Ooh, there's H&M! St. Patrick's Cathedral! Are they plugging Catholocism now?

Jonathan is now shirtless. What's with all his lame tattoos?

Creepy botox man got uglier since last season.

Erika - whatever...nothing to say about her.

Fashion week is about everything jonathan is about, beautiful hair and beautiful women. Is that what Fashion Week is about? Hair? Women? (riight)

Ooh, and now Antin is saying that if the designer doesn't like Jonathan's hair, it's Jonathan's way or the highway! Yeah! Stick it to him!

Okay. I'm done making fun of this show as I watch it. I'm over it.