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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A commercial I love:

I love that commercial for Cheese Nips, where that guy is walking down a hall in an office, and he points to an old woman and is like "Pretty Lady Alert!" and then he walks into an office with a young guy and starts making awkward conversation: "What up dawg? Hey, I got my gallbladder out!" and then he starts sitting down, and the shot changes to the two glass walls of the office, which suddenly are covered with orange as an explosion of cheese happens...

I practically die everytime that guy goes "I got my gallbladder out!" I don't know why it's so fucking funny, but... it is.

Comments, and other issues.

Dear Everyone:

Laura D. brought it to my attention that I somehow messed up my blog by requiring that I moderate all comments. This error has been fixed. Comment away! And I was wondering why suddenly no one was reading my blog anymore... :)

And Laura- you'll be happy to know your cereal post is up.

So... last night I went to Southbeach's newest and hottest spot: Snatch, with its upstairs room "Sweet." I'm not going to lie - I loved the place. Fucking fabulous.

And what made it even MORE fabulous, you ask? I'll tell you. As I was getting my shit together to leave (I managed not to get too terribly tanked, but even still, I have a raging hangover today...story of my life, right?) I look up and who do I see?

Who, you ask?

Oh, I'll tell you.

You just wait.


I look up and Cedric Yarborough from Reno 911 is standing in front of me. Right behind him is Nicey Nash and behind her is Carlos Alarziqui. I think behind them was the new lesbian police officer on the show, but I don't know who she is, nor do I care b/c she's not funny... Anyway, I walked right up to Cedric and I was like "Hey" and introduced myself... and then they were like "nice to meet you," and invited me to sit with them at their table, and we lauuughed and lauughed, and drank, and it was fucking unreal, and then, after that, they offered me a spot on Reno 911, so, you'll all be happy to know, I'm quitting being a lawyer, and moving out to L.A. to be on a TV show!

Or maybe it went a little more like this: I look up and see the three (four) and my jaw hits the floor. My friend Meredith said I lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw them. Anyone who knows me when I'm drunk, knows that I get a little effusive excited... This was no exception. I'm yammering to Jonesy about how much I love them, and then I see Nicey Nash and freak, and I believe I may have hugged her... I'm fairly certain we exchanged "Besos" and I tell her how much I love both of her shows, and then, I see Alarziqui and am like "I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!" Then, I leave, having made a complete ass out of myself.

Good times. I have to go out to those places more often... my sheltered little life of going to Art openings and getting drunk at other people's houses may just give way to a Snatch obsession.

But next time I'm getting a table. That place gets PACKED! I miss being a scenester. I think I'll take that up again...