I'm a little slow today. I just switched to Sanka. So...have a heart?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Busy, greatful, and depressed.

I have so much to do. That's why this isn't getting updated, because I'm literally never home and always doing something.


Tomorrow I have two VERY VERY VERY BIG INTERVIEWS. With two VERY VERY VERY BIG LAW FIRMS. That I VERY VERY VERY much want to get jobs at. I just wish I didn't have to interview with 12 people in the morning at one, and then turn around and do my preliminary interview with another huge firm in the afternoon. Maybe it'll be good though, who knows.

Stephen is leaving for Mexico for 6 weeks tomorrow, to study Spanish. Horrible timing, and I'm flipping out that I may not get to see him until mid-August. That's so far away...it makes me sick to think about it.

I have to get back to learning a bit about these firms before I iron and pass out.