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Monday, August 22, 2005

Darvocet, work, and why is my room always messy?

I had my first day at work today.

I will be working 12 hour days. Today I worked 11.

Everyone in my office is SUPER nice, and my Spanish will improve. However, whenever I work in a hispano-centric environment, this annoying thing happens to me: I start to pick up the Miami accent. I am. the only. person. in the office. who isn't. fluent. in Spanish. I used to be able to hold my own, my friend Pepe once told me, "You'll never be a native speaker, but you're damn close." Those days are over, and now I'm all stumbly when it comes to conjugation, and I'm losing vocabulary, but I'm pretty certain that working en mi oficina will greatly improve my Espanol. But the thing is, I'm really going to have to make a very concerted effort not to sound like I'm from Hia-lee-ah, because it's totally possible one day my friends will call me and I'll sound like Rosie Perez.

Today they started me off easy, and gave me a STACK of depositions to summarize. Deposition summaries are this: Take a deposition, pick through it, knowing the outline of the case, and basically make sort of a page-by-page, line-by-line index of the important parts of the deposition for use at trial. It's extremely tedious. I have hundreds of pages to summarize and a week to do it in. I need a proximity pass for the elevators, because I think I'm really going to be burning some midnight oil this week... Ugh. And the worst part? They shut off the a/c in the building after 7 p.m. and my office faces directly west, with NO OTHER BUILDINGS to block the sun, and I have a bank of windows (which are AWESOME!) so, come mid-afternoon, it's gonna get steamy in the office, and...well, it'll just be unpleasant. Everyone in my office is, SUPER nice, however, so, we're off to a good start. I think Friday I'll bring in a shitload of Krispy Kreme donuts. I have a room full of Cuban ladies, and I'm sure I'll be un heroe si traiga desayuno el viernes.

I'm really getting tired of having to take this pain medication. I don't like taking these pills, and I don't like the results if I don't take them. I'm not addicted to them... yet. And I don't want that to happen. Still, if I don't take them, I'm in immense pain. It's like, Jesus. I had the damn operation over a week ago, why does it STILL HURT?!

Lastly, my room. Or the pit of hell, I should call it. I manage to keep the rest of the house neat and organized, but my room looks like my closet got drunk and threw up everywhere. ALL THE TIME.

Why? Why am I so messy? Why can't I just keep the friggin' room clean?! I need a maid. A trustworthy maid that won't steal from me, that I can hire and she can come and clean my house while I spend half of my life at work.

Pero les dire esto: me encanta que, una vez mas, a las 3 de la tarde, me sirven cafe Cubano!