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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cool Prediction:

Hamlet 2 is going to be pretty awesome.

At least it looks like it's going to be pretty awesome. I think the pendulum has finally started swinging back in the right direction. (I hope.)

I mean, with a "Rock me, Sexy Jesus" dance number, this looks like one of those cult-movies-to-be, like "CAMP" or "Welcome to the Dollhouse" or "Ballroom Dancing," or the now ubiquitous "Waiting for Guffman" (which, even though everyone else in the world can quote it, and has been able to for like six years, is still a great movie, even if it's too popular to be cool...) Actually, it sort of seems like an offshoot of "The Producers," in some respects. (The original movie. I never saw the play.)

Looking forward to movies coming out is something I've missed for a while.

I'm glad it's happening again.

Speaking of Cool: Urbandaddy.com

I am shamelessly plugging www.urbandaddy.com , Miami's new ultra-high-end-men's-lifestyle website, maintained by Sara, the always-with-it-how-do-I-get-invited-to-that-gee-what-a-delicious-looking- amuse-bouche writer of All Purpose Dark.

Because it's Miami, and nothing cool in Miami is "list free" you have to be invited to join. But fear not, ye clodhopping, style-less wretches yearning to be cool...

Yours truly has been given permission to act as a mouthpiece of sorts, to get the word out.

Wanna join? E-mail Sara at sara@allpurposedark.com and you'll get an invite to join.

I did. And because we all know I'm as cool as Ice, Ice, Dentyne Ice, you should probably join too. And even though I tend to follow the "Ugh, too many people do this now. It's not cool anymore," mentality, like how I dropped Bingo at the Standard like a hot rock shortly after I was seen on the-channel-that-adds-forty-pounds, touting Bingo's virtues, I promise I'll never get tired of Urbandaddy.com.

And you can quote me on that. Strike that, you should quote me on that. It'll make you sound cooler.