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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hangover scale.

On a scale of one to eighty five million,

I'm at an 86 million hangover today. Wow. Awful.

But the party was fun. And I even remember most of it!

Even though I was wrecked. Sorry for being wrecked, everyone...

But isn't that the way it always goes? Me apologizing for being totally hammered.

Why do I do this to myself? WHYYYYY?!

Dear Winn-Dixie:

I just had a party. It was fun.

For said party, I needed Pineappe Juice. (Planter's Punch.)

Wouldn't you know it: Winn-Dixie had neither 1) Pineapple juice concentrate or 2) Kosher gathering snacks a/k/a Hebrew National pigs in a blanket.

So. Winn-Dixie. "Getting better all the time, are we?"


You're a terrible store, with a 50% reduction in quality, varied merchandise, and everything else, when compared to Giant Foods of Maryland.

For shame, Winn-Dixie! For how hast thou forsaken us?! Why be thy selection so miniscule and urgent.

Verrily, thou hast goods for cheaper prices, but do thy lower prices, lower quality allow? Say we: No.

Dude. You NEVER HAVE what anyone needs.


Who's your buyer? Because...they suck.