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Friday, August 19, 2005

Friendster is a beautiful thing.

So, everyone knows about my slight obsession with Friendster... It allows me to reconnect with the hundreds of people that I've gradually lost touch with over the years. So, imagine my surprise and joy, when my friend Adrienne got in touch with me the other day, via Friendster.

Adrienne and I started our relationship long, long ago (shit, probably like... 13 or 14 years ago) at Slayton House Camp of the Arts in our award-winning production of Bye-Bye Birdie. Slayton House was Columbia's festering spawning cauldron of the Future Homosexuals of America and the Future Fag-Hags of America. Adrienne and I fell instantly in love, and invited each other to our mutual bar and bat mitzvahs. To date, Adrienne's Bash was the best bat mitzvah I have ever been to, and I still have the giant sombrero that I won that night. Oh, to be young and in an olive-colored, double breasted suit with a mustard-colored silk shirt again. ::sigh::

It's amazing to me how there are some people who I can go years without talking to, and then pick up the phone and it's like I spoke with the person last week.

She's in L.A. now, I'm in the M.I.A. and I legitimately think the last time I saw her for more than 10 minutes was in 1995. Still, I've thought about her quite often since then, and took every opportunity to unsuccessfully stalk her out since then. She's more adept than I am, however, and found me. I'm so happy!