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Monday, May 30, 2005

Ham n' peas for everyone!

Open Letter:

This is an open letter to all of you who have moved away from Miami, and thus from me:

I am bored. You are gone. Please come back.

I never realized how many of you hightailed it on outta here after we gradumacated/PMBR-ed. Well. Now I do, considering that all I do is lay around my house, or Stephen's house. I pass your old buildings and fight the urge to knock on your door and say hi - because you won't be there. The fact that we don't go to S-Tav anymore is depressing. Now, who will I drag along when I'm in a mood to drive to Homestead and pick strawberries?!

I'm tiiiiiired of making new friends. But that's what you're gonna make me do...and they're not going to be as interesting or fun as you, and we won't have the shared experience of law school, and people saying stupid things or eating sandwiches, or that one time you fell down the stairs at Mansion to bond over. Ugh. Why is it that people always go away?

And why is it that I always romanticize the people that have left, while ignoring those who have stayed? I suppose what I should be doing is throwing more dinner parties, and creating reasons to hang out with the quality people who have stayed, with whom I don't hang out as much as I should....or ever.

Quite tired now, but there we have it. To those that have left - you're going to miss out on some tasty meals. To those of you who have stayed, what would you like for dinner?