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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I'm devouring another Ken Burns documentary (I watch an unhealthy amount of them) this one on Lewis and Clark. I sort of don't care about them, but I enjoy the facts I pick up watching these documentaries that play the same effing songs over and over and over again ('Tis the Gift To Be Simple; Shenandoah, The Battle Hymn of the Republic...). They're unbelievably addicting.


So this documentary said something like "In 1801 the United States ended at the Mississippi river," and it got me to thinking: the next big addition in America was in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase. Florida was bought in 1819... states were being added into the mid 20th Century...

But I've always taken it for granted that there always have been, and always WILL BE 50 States (from Thir-teen Original Co-lo-nies!). It's sort of like taking it for granted that the Sun will rise tomorrow. Because 1) If the Sun didn't rise tomorrow... well, neither would we, and 2) if we add more than 50 States, the song, "Fif-ty Nif-ty U-Ni-Ted States" wouldn't work anymore...

I don't know... it's like... what was it like for people when Alaska was added as a State. Or Hawaii... like... adding a STATE!? It's just sort of an unfathomable concept to me now.

Just sayin'.