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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Auto Show!

Liza and I went to the Auto Show this evening. It. Was. BLISS. If you go, go on a weekday night, after 8. It's practically empty, and you can get in all the cars you want.

The bliss part wasn't particularly the cars... they were okay. A lot of them were more spare in the inside than I would have liked (although I'll get to a particularly impressive candidate in a minute...)

Liza and I enjoyed climbing into the large pickup trucks, and Hummers and pretending we were the kind of people that would drive those cars.

Another fun game we played, was to get into a car, and then blast the wrong sort of music from it. Like in the BMW section, blaring Country. Or, while sitting in an Audi TT convertible, blaring 97.3, The Coast, particularly because Delilah was on, and there's nothing more awesome/hilarious than sitting in an Audi TT convertible, blaring Delilah's midwestern-commonsensical advice.

Or sitting in a Nisan Murano, blaring booty music.

The car bodies themselves were... eh. There was one Surfboard concept car that strappy beach seats. Still... it looked pretty unsafe as its roof was made of surfboards, and the seats looked like deathtraps in an accident.

The car that I now slobber for, is the Lexus LS 09.

Words cannot describe. The car looks nice from the outside... and yeah, it's sort of an old person car, but I have never, but NEVER sat in a more comfortable carseat, and...

are you sitting down?


Yes, yes, I know, that's nothing new, but get THIS - on top of having adjustable memory seats, a kick-ass mappy program, and air-conditioned seats, the seats leaned back to like 180 degrees!

I would sleep in that car.

And for the 77 grand that it costs... I'd have to.

Ahhhh... Autoshow!