I'm a little slow today. I just switched to Sanka. So...have a heart?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Like all else... my links are a hot mess.

I'm a little disorganized of late.

My office looks like the Florida Law Weekly and a voluminous stack of legal pads (and treatises) alternately threw up / had an orgy and spawned a three-inch thick coating of paper.

Seriously - my office looks like post-hurricane.

It's awful.

My home is awash in receipts that I save for tax season. And that flutter EVERYWHERE. And that make me realize how much I drink: Finnegans. Finnegan's II. Playwright. Mokai. Delano, Delano, Delano, Florida Room, Standard, Sardinia, Purdy, Abbey, Abbey, Abbey, Abbey, Abbey, Abbey, Segafredo, Standard, Segafredo, Rokbar, Standard, Rokbar, Abbey (you get the idea.)

White Room, Circa 28, The Room, Abraxas, Segafredo, Hoffbrau...

And I have a bag of decomposing broccoli in the garbage so it smells like one ginormous fart in my place. (It's horrible. That's how I keep myself from going a-whorin', because I'm like, if I went out and picked up a whole bunch o' people to bring home for one of my hot gay sex orgies, they'd walk in the door and be all like, "OMG! ITFO (I'm the fuck out) it smells like FARTS in here!" and I'd be like, "No, it's just that bag of broccoli in the garbage, that I couldn't bring myself to eat quickly enough, and now can't bring myself to throw away - I mean, I got it at Costco, which means it probably cost me like 10 bucks, because EVERYTHING there costs ten bucks, and I only ate like three florets of the three pound bag, so I need to hold onto it until I come to terms with throwing out approximately $9.98 worth of broccoli." At which point my conquests would slowly back out of my front door and hurl themselves off the catwalk in a desperate maneuver to get away from my psychosis.)

I need to update my links - to take out dead ones - SO LONG, J-WILL, replace re-live ones - WELCOME BACK, RICK!, and add new favorites like Curlatini, Esq., Obalesque, Ipanemic, &c.

So... I intend to do that this weekend. I also have intended to get new brakes for approximately five thousand miles, but c'est la vie. If you see a silver Mercedes barreling at you, you best get out da way, because, seriously, they may have failed, and you may be in serious peril. And yeah, I have good insurance, but no other levy-able assets to speak of. No savings no more, they're all tied up in my Homestead property...