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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Was Blanche really that much of a slut?

Where's a piece of Miami geography that plays on television at least twice a day, and has for the past 24 years?

Interesting riddle, no? Is that a riddle? Or is it a query?

Through painstaking forensic research, involving my Golden Girls Seventh and Final Season DVD Set, and my iPhone 3G, equipped with GoogleMaps capability, and my apparent lack of friends, and/or my apparent lack of motivation to call said friends to do stuff in the evenings, I have figured out the location of the screenshot in the opening credits of the Golden Girls, one of my favorite television series, involving, as my friend Meredith says, two of my favorite things: old people and TV.

Since I moved down here, in 2002 (my GOD, I cannot believe I've been here so long -- I thought for SURE I'd have peaced out back to D.C. or even back home to Baltimore, or to New York or Seattle, or Gooberville Alabama, before I would have lived in Miami for six years, but there you have it.) I've wondered where that screen shot is.

And, thanks to the magic of the DVD pause button, infinite patience, and a period of self-imposed hermitage while I embark on the first week of South Beach Dieting, in order to avoid the undeniable compulsion to drink that "the sauce" instills in me, I HAVE FIGURED OUT WHAT THE SCREEN SHOT IS IN THE OPENING CREDITS!

God. I need a boyfriend or something. But later. After I've dropped that 30 pounds of "my secretary is pregnant, so I get to eat like I am" weight. And anyway, I'm super excited to be sharing this piece of information that I absolutely did not get by Googling "where in Miami is the scene from the opening credits of the Golden Girls" because that would be CHEATING.


The opening scene from the Golden Girls is shot from a Helicopter, hovering just north of where Pinetree splits off and forms Pinetree Drive and LaGorce drive -- just south of 52nd Street. It films Northeast to Collins and 54th street. How do I know this? Because there's a parking lot (Beach View Park) just south of a building that angles Southwest (that building is still there and shows up on GoogleMaps), and it was THESE TWO LANDMARKS that I used to figure out that the opening credits of the Golden Girls show approximately 53rd Street, north, to about 57th and Collins.

Isn't that a great tidbit to know!?! Hello? Where are you going?