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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Here are three crappy iPhone pictures of Norwegian Cruise Line's Epic on its Maiden Night here in Miami, allllll lit up like a...Christmas Tree cruise ship. Mostly. It doesn't look like many people are on it, as the cabins were mostly dark.

It's a big ship. A big, boxy ship. An odd shape, really; probably makes it unsinkable or something. I hear the hull is riveted together and has watertight compartments that use electric power to close -- from the BRIDGE! (Titanic jokes!)

I think my friend Kevin is in a show on the Ship - he made the Atlantic crossing on it. He had terrible seasickness. I recommended that he shut himself in the shower. I hear that's the best cure for seasickness - enclosed spaces.

I think I'll probably warm to the Ship's design (although I'm not going to warm to NCL's painting leis and flowers on the bows of its ships...ever.) and someday soon, while the ship's still new, and not awful, I'd like to take a spin on it. Go to the Churrascaria. Hang out in the absurdly-huge-looking gym. Go to its ice bar. Ride on its waterslide...

Eat buffet with chunky people from St. Paul and Tulsa...

You get the idea.

Anyway - onto the Big Boat - NCL's largest, and the 5th largest afloat. (Rhymes!)

(If you click on the pics, they enlarge. Heh.)

Also, as a side note, Rick from SFDB, apparently caught me in mid-post while this was a "Work in Progress" with sloppy ginormous pictures flabbing all over the place, hence his WTF? comment (I'm hoping, anyway). Inadvertently, I guess he stumbled upon how I write - get something up. Look at it. Tweak it. Look at it again. Tweak it some more... Realize what time it is. Say, "Eh. That'll do," and haul off to bed...

Anyway - champagne dreams, caviar wishes, and all that.